What you need to know about female motivation, psychology, before you start creating an advertising story

Women are also protectors, but the motive for protection among women is less diverse: a woman, by default, protects only her children.

It must be borne in mind that women are more self-centered than men. The questions of saving the world interest them to a much lesser extent, but questions of their own pleasure - to a greater extent.

And fewer men are puzzled by women’s self-esteem: “I deserve it,” period, while men need some more logical justification and confirmation of this.

The attitude to hierarchy and status is different for women and men.

For a woman, status is the status of her man.

If a man dreams of becoming a millionaire, then a woman dreams of becoming the wife of a millionaire.

Here the ways of advertising influence on different gender groups begin to diverge sharply.

What are the most expensive products?

Those that emphasize the status of the owner, which show how much the owner has achieved in life. And if a woman evaluates herself with the phrase "I deserve it", then a man - "I can afford it."

Women are also interested in high status, like men, but the nature of this is different.

The biological reason is to gain access to the best men who instinctively "considers" to be at the top of the social hierarchy.

The development of society dictates the obligatory belonging to one or another circle of people with the same interests, tasks, life position, occupation, etc.

Women are even more social creatures for whom it is important to be a worthy member of their social group.

Advertising, the message of which contains the criteria for compliance with the rules and values ​​of a particular community, is active in its action on the female audience.

These can be everyday stories that speak about the degree of a woman's wealth:

  • In the house: a good housewife, delicious food, caring mother.
  • Situations of communication with friends, showing that the woman is integrated into society, is the favorite in the group, the best friend.
  • You can also use plots of high status, but since they are not valuable in themselves, they need to be associated either with men, or with caring for children, or with communication in a group.

Here are just a few options for a woman's sensual image:

She is mysterious

She is spontaneous

She is defenseless and vulnerable

She is unpredictable

She is romantic

She is demonic

A set of basic feminine motives: to like, choose, care and belong.

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