To work with TV you need to know

To achieve an effect in the field of TV advertising, it is necessary to keep in mind the following:

  1. It is necessary to attract the viewer's attention in the first five seconds, otherwise the interest will disappear.
  2. It is better to build TV advertising so that it does not make you think, but helps to immediately perceive its essence.
  3. It is better to build a plot not around an inanimate object, but around the person using it.
  4. No need for verbosity - every word should work.
  5. Using the product in a familiar environment.
  6. Emphasizing lifestyle.
  7. Creation of a fantasy setting.
  8. Creation of a mood or image. Laugh.
  9. Musical.
  10. Use of a symbolic character.
  11. Emphasis on professional and technical expertise.
  12. Use of scientific data. Use of evidence in favor of the product.


The audience for 80% of consumer goods is women. She buys not shampoo, but beautiful hair, she buys for cosmetics, but the desire to stand out. Even the majority of men's cosmetics are purchased by women.


The process of shaving in advertising (meaning men's faces).

What does a woman see?

Irritated, inflamed, tortured skin.

A woman seeks to "save" men's skin by choosing softening, anti-irritation products.

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