The Customer Journey, or Where Companies Lose Money

Companies go to great lengths to attract customers, but it turns out that this is not the most difficult task. The hardest part begins inside, when the client is already on the site, trying to make purchases, goes to the clinic and starts asking questions to the administrator, comes to a salon, store, restaurant, etc. Here begins the main battle for his loyalty, the value of the average check and, of course, [...]

10 cognitive biases e-commerce marketing should be aware of

In the context of growing competition and intense struggle for the choice of a client in the online space, practical knowledge of psychology and numerous tools are of particular importance, each of which brings our goals closer to the heart and mind of the consumer. Marketing and psychology are so intertwined that we can hardly imagine it. Human behavior is completely unpredictable and irrational. Already […]

Where's the money? Three ways to reach millennials

Millennials are actively spending money, buying literally everything, and are the main consumer group for all market segments. According to Gallup, millennials not only make up the largest portion of the workforce today, they also contribute to a trillion dollars in consumer spending worldwide. And you might think that they are least interested in saving money. But this is a misconception. On the […]

Regular customers are profitable

A new client costs 10 times more than a regular one. But how does good customer engagement really change consumer behavior? Studies show that 87% of the audience confirm that the customer service of the company they contacted influenced their buying behavior, ranging from recommending products or services of this company to other people (67%) to repeat purchases from this company (54%). […]

How advertising messages affect the brain

Every day, hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are looking for convincing arguments that could entice potential consumers to buy their products. Every day, marketers at these companies come up with millions of advertising messages in the hopes of being heard. But very few of them have a real chance to attract people's attention, change their perception and force them to act. Business focuses on numerous [...]

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