How advertising messages affect the brain

Every day, hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are looking for convincing arguments that could entice potential consumers to buy their products. Every day, marketers at these companies come up with millions of advertising messages in the hopes of being heard. But very few of them have a real chance to attract people's attention, change their perception and force them to act. Business focuses on numerous [...]

Examples of effective guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an effective technique that exploits the urban environment. Non-standard solutions, layouts and methods of their placement surprise the audience, are remembered and make people tell each other as interesting news the non-standard advertising they saw. These examples are easy to implement and you can use them to generate your own ideas. Expand your space. Massage room. The client is resting face down 40 [...]

Golden rules for success

What do we need to know about the client's perception in order to negotiate with him. I want to suggest that you carefully consider each item, because together they provide a very powerful opportunity to significantly increase the effectiveness of your sales. People listen but don't hear. People look but do not see. This applies to everything that surrounds us, including […]

7 ways to increase sales and attract customers

I want to share with you the best practices, a summary of all the main media that are used most often. Any of these channels can generate good sales for you, and attract a lot of customers if used correctly. And vice versa, you can "kill" the channel, completely reset its effectiveness for you, if not so and not so with your advertising message. 1 way to increase [...]

To work with TV you need to know

To achieve an effect in the field of TV advertising, it is necessary to keep in mind the following: It is necessary to attract the viewer's attention in the first five seconds, otherwise the interest will disappear. It is better to build TV advertising so that it does not make you think, but helps to immediately perceive its essence. It is better to build a plot not around an inanimate object, but around the person using it. No need for verbosity - every word [...]

What advertising should be

What kind of ad should be? The effective impact of advertising is achieved in those cases when the characteristics of the audience to which it is addressed are known and specially developed arguments are selected for this case. Initially, it should be determined to what extent the market conditions are suitable for the optimal advertising exposure. For this purpose, objective and subjective factors related to the state of the market, the object of promotion, consumer demand and the audience are analyzed. Advertiser [...]

Instinct manipulation gives your product added value

If you want a truly loyal audience that firmly believes that Actimel is needed for immunity, dietary supplements improve memory, and scale will not form in the washing machine thanks to Tide technologies, you also need to learn how to manipulate. Manipulation is the foundation of successful advertising. To do this, you must first define exactly with your consumer, and then get into his [...]

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