Golden rules for success

What do we need to know about the client's perception in order to negotiate with him.

I want to invite you to carefully consider each point, because together they provide a very powerful opportunity to significantly increase the effectiveness of your sales. People listen but don't hear. People look but don't see. This applies to everything that surrounds us, including all kinds of advertising messages. These important values, collected over the years of practice, help build a channel between you and the brain of whoever you are talking to, namely your client. So, memorize and write down. Start applying right away and see how it works. 

In order for the client to pay you for your product, he must go through the Interest-Attention-Desire-Activity path

  1. Information should be easy to perceive and assimilate.
  2. The audience for 80% of consumer goods is women.
  3. 70% of the audience are visuals.
  4. 60% of negotiations, the client perceives non-verbal. 20% intonation. 10% of the word
  5. "Beautiful people" are 20-30% more successful at making deals. "Corporate look" is a method of increasing sales by 30%
  6. An adult educated person can understand by ear the meaning of a sentence that does not exceed 13 words.
  7. The level of comprehensibility of the message should be 10 points below the average IQ of the social stratum for which it is intended.
  8. In less than 6-8 seconds, the listener should understand the essence of the advertising message.
  9. The ear responds faster than the eye.
  10. Our auditory perception lasts longer than our visual perception.
  11. The visual image - a picture or printed words - fades out in less than 1 second.
  12. Auditory perception lasts 45 times longer. The spoken word is stored longer in the brain, allowing better follow-up of thought.
  13. The society does not read, but looks at pictures. Gloss is read from the end.
  14. Outdoor advertising is read by the driver in 3-7 seconds. Pedestrian in 30 seconds.
  15. 41% of the population uses the internet. 40 sites per day are viewed by the average computer user. 79% cannot part with their favorite gadgets even while traveling.

If you take all this into account, then your work with each of the media channels that you will use in the future will be much more effective. These techniques rob you of the virgin state of delusion. Much becomes clear to you, but at the same time you are deprived of illusions. Yes, you cannot write whatever you would like in outdoor advertising - there is limited perception. You cannot write in gloss in a boring and standard way - no one will read. They will not listen to the radio and switch TV. If you have not taken into account the property of perception, the consumer he will repay you with his ignorance and will not pay his money. So I highly recommend that you take these important things responsibly.

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