Business strategy

A successful business strategy allows you to achieve the goals set by the company in the most efficient way. The strategy is the basis for intensive development and is implemented through its implementation in all aspects of the company. The main task is to define specific principles and approaches that will favorably distinguish the company from competitors.

The team of consultants "Khomutova & Partners" has accumulated extensive experience in the implementation of projects in various industries, which makes it possible to form transformation roadmap with a planning horizon of 3, 5, 10 years. A deep understanding of the markets, systemic research and a keen understanding of the current situation allow us to develop solutions that help to effectively achieve results that exceed expectations. To improve the efficiency of strategy implementation, we provide 24/7 consulting support to customers.


The best strategy is an unbiased strategy. Cognitive biases such as submission to authority and the effect of joining the majority, as well as over-optimism, often lead to mistakes in strategic planning.

In addition to direct strategy development, we help companies to fine-tune their strategic planning processes in-house. We help management overcome the barriers of inertia that inhibit growth and prevent active development of the company. It is often problematic to reconcile the benefits of short-term income with long-term strategic goals, and, accordingly, it is difficult to create the capabilities necessary to implement the strategy.

We help companies improve their strategy development process, make and act on informed decisions, and solve specific problems or develop an entirely new approach to strategic planning by supporting corporate strategy teams.



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