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Shop window secrets: how to increase additional sales in cosmetology

How to properly design a showcase so that it performs its functions? We hear this question from cosmetologists at almost every audit when it comes to stimulating additional sales and sales of various products. And almost always we see serious mistakes in the designs, display cases and merchandising of products on the shelves, which critically affects the additional sales of products in the salon.

So, how to use the showcase correctly and where to start? First you need to answer the question about its intended purpose, since the functionality affects all further design improvements. The presence of showcases in cosmetology solves a whole list of tasks:

  • Implementation of direct sales.
  • Formation of reputation: both the product itself and the cosmetology center.
  • Room design.
  • Visual perception of the assortment.
  • Location of stocks.

Since we are talking about how to increase sales in cosmetology, we will take a closer look at the first task of showcases - the implementation of direct sales of goods.

Opportunities to increase sales depend on several factors:

  • To attract attention.
  • Availability of information about the offer to the client.
  • Encourage a potential consumer to make a purchase.

As practice shows, it is possible to focus the attention of a cosmetology client on any product through its correct location in the showcase, customized lighting, as well as an interesting design and color scheme.

So, let's analyze the principles of window dressing in cosmetology.

This topic requires both specialized knowledge and experience in merchandising. Most cosmetologists make the mistake of placing a showcase indoors on the principle of "free space". Plus, the shelves themselves are often ordered after the work on the design of the center is completed, and the furniture is in place. In addition, the choice of equipment based on the lowest cost will not lead to anything good: a cheap display case, standing where there was free space, will not be an effective tool to stimulate additional sales of expensive professional cosmetics. In order for the showcase to contribute to the growth of income and increase in sales in cosmetology, it is necessary to pay attention to its presence even when developing the project of the premises: the location must be both accessible and convenient for all visitors.

Where are the most unfortunate places for shop windows? 

Firstly, you should not place a showcase behind the back of the administrator, except in cases where theft of goods is possible. In this case, the employee is a hindrance, both for the hooligans and for the target customers. Try to examine the products in the window behind the back of the administrator yourself, and then you will understand how inconvenient it is.

Secondly, the presence of a showcase at the entrance door, although noticeable, does not particularly affect sales, since the client is in contact with the products already at the exit, when all sales have already been completed.

The third unfortunate location is behind the recreation area or to the side of it. If the client needs to turn his head or body to view the product, then his interest in the window will noticeably drop. The location of the showcase should be as comfortable as possible from the waiting area, because before the procedure, the client is ready to consider everything that you offer him in order to fill his time with useful activities. The client can read the leaflets offered by you with the announcement of new services and view the products in the window, thereby fueling his interest in what your cosmetologist will offer him during the consultation or after the procedure. If the client examined the showcase and became interested in the products before the consultation, then having received a recommendation from a specialist during the procedure regarding professional care products located in the showcase, he will more readily agree to the purchase, because. the visual awareness barrier had already been overcome by him. 

The fourth unfortunate arrangement is a built-in type of construction. It is also quite difficult to make an increase in sales of cosmetics with the help of a showcase located in a niche of walls or interior details. This arrangement leaves no impression of the shop window in the visitor's memory. And remembering it is just as important as noticing it. The idea of ​​hiding shelves with goods in the interior of a cosmetology can become interesting only from the point of view of the interior designer who designed it, without thinking about the main task of the showcase - to stimulate spontaneous sales. We always draw the attention of interior designers to the functional purpose of everything they design, since everything that is included in the interior of cosmetology should be aimed at the comfort of the client and stimulating his purchasing activity.

Let us consider in more detail what moments in the organization of a showcase in cosmetology affect the increase in additional sales.


The extent to which the window attracts attention directly affects the increase in sales. One of the easiest ways to draw attention to a shop window is to light it up. The light should be adjusted in such a way that it stands out in terms of brightness and contrast against the background of general lighting. Properly set lighting should ensure that every object in the display is illuminated without dark areas, since the shadow area is definitely a dead zone in which the product will not attract the attention of the client. A variety of LED spotlights perform well in operation, which can be easily adjusted and adjusted to suit the placement of goods on the shelf. The location of the product can constantly change depending on the tasks, for example, today you can put one premium package on the shelf and highlight it from all sides, thereby drawing attention to the product that you want to sell quickly, and tomorrow you will already put it on the same shelf a different product line and you will need to reconfigure the fixtures to take into account the fact that the location of the goods has changed. Showcase lights are a sales tool, and they must adapt to tactical tasks, and not just shine. When choosing the design of a showcase, the style of its lighting, do not forget about the importance of color design. By giving the desired shade, you can emphasize the presence of this product. The color and light of the showcase should harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the appearance of the interior of your salon.


The type of construction is what you need to pay special attention to when choosing furniture. So, "closed" shop windows are least of all involved in increasing sales in the salon. Open ones attract more attention and give more information to a potential buyer. After tactile contact with the product, it is much easier for a person to make a choice and make a purchase.


Another important factor that makes commercial equipment a good or bad "seller" in the salon is the depth and shape of the shelves. Often, salons strive to solve all problems with one showcase, from the sale of goods to the place of storage of products, using designs with deep shelves of 40-60 cm. When we try to solve all problems with one design at once, options appear that do not effectively solve any of the tasks set. . So, the most common solution is the disadvantage of such use - a large number of goods interferes with the buyer, making it impossible to focus on one thing. Most likely, the client will simply step aside from such a showcase. Depth should be justified by the viewing angle and approaches to the showcase. If a showcase, for example, is located in the conditional center of the hall and can be approached from all sides, then a depth of 40-60 cm is justified, since each side of the structure works autonomously and provides an overview of all products.

golden shelf

One of the rules of merchandising is the location of the most profitable products for the salon at the level of the buyer's eyes, namely, at a level between 1,2 and 1,7 m. Thus, if there is a desire to sell an expensive cosmetic or you need to increase sales of any product , then it should be placed in the window at the level of the visitors' eyes.


Sorting on the shelves of the showcase by product categories helps to quickly navigate the abundance of products and find what you need. A convenient search is often much more important for the buyer than the “beauty” of the product display.

Price tags

The presence of price tags, inscriptions or other attributes of additional information also affects the increase in sales in the salon. The main thing here is not to miss the font: the text should be clear, visible from a distance of the approximate location of a potential buyer. It is necessary that the price tags do not cover most of the goods in size. The presence of distractions in the form of additional images, excessive decoration or difficult to read font will be an obstacle to understanding and clearly focused attention of the client. Price tags and goods should be positioned relative to each other in such a way that there is no question of what belongs to what.

Promotional materials

A potential buyer can obtain additional information about the product from related promotional materials. So, most cosmetic lines have their own booklets, magazines, which provide a complete description of the product line of a particular manufacturer. Use advertising materials actively, because they contain the key message of the manufacturer, the right selling visual and verbal stimuli are selected for your target audience, which, unfortunately, is not always used by salon employees. Promotional materials in combination with effective storefronts help to make additional sales, especially for those salons in which the consulting functions of contact area employees are poorly developed. Of course, everyone needs them, but if all the consultants promote the products themselves, your salon can do without promotional materials.

Don't chalk up weak sales to low customer purchasing power -  work with window

If you are not satisfied with the financial result, your task is to identify factors that negatively affect sales and find ways to quickly eliminate them. As the practice of our audits shows, often the changes are not fundamental, while the storefronts begin to fulfill their main role - to stimulate spontaneous demand. The good news is that you will see changes in buying behavior immediately - customers begin to take an active interest in products and, most importantly, buy them on the same day when you set the right light, do a good product placement on the shelf, eliminate dead zones on shelves, complement this work with high-quality printed promotional materials in the hall and, of course, stimulate your employees to additional sales of cosmetic products from your salon.

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