Master training

for managers and employees of departments of the sanatorium.



This is a modern form of interactive learning using author's methods based on real practical cases with a minimum amount of "book" theory, the purpose of which is to develop the competence and sustainable professional skills of the participants, as a result of which knowledge and skills are formed that allow them to independently solve the assigned tasks.


1. Preliminary survey of participants in order to prepare recommendations and practical work during the training

2. Master training

3. Express audit with recommendations

4. Information support for the participants of the master training


The methodology for increasing sales proposed at the master training helps to build internal and external communications that contribute to the achievement of the main goal - the demand for the sanatorium.

As a result of the master class, the heads of departments will increase the demand for all areas of services, increase the competitiveness of their sanatorium, and receive proven practices of effective internal and external marketing aimed at increasing the percentage of regular customers, eliminating seasonal fluctuations and increasing the amount of the check. The participants of the master training will master the techniques of building teamwork and methods of relieving internal stress in the team, receive recommendations for service and motivation. They will be able to apply tools in their sanatorium aimed at eliminating the causes of potential churn of clients.

Also, the head of the sanatorium will receive written recommendations in the format of an express audit based on the analysis of the data revealed during the work with the employees attending the master training. The recommendations relate to the need to implement certain internal changes that protect the company from internal threats that reduce efficiency and provoke a decrease in audience loyalty.

They will receive effective technologies for the sale of sanatorium services, taking into account the conditions of the competitive environment, the characteristics of corporate and private clients. They will acquire knowledge of etiquette behavior in business communication, strengthen internal motivation for results, increase the level of self-reflection and personal responsibility in difficult situations, and improve communication skills with various categories of client-guest-patients. They will learn the algorithm for effectively leading the client to the deal and the principles of working with objections. They will learn to sell complex programs and present expensive services. They will receive technologies to increase interest and retain the primary patient. They will master the principles of telephone conversations, the use of which will increase the efficiency of attracting primary customers. They will learn effective ways of returning dissatisfied (lost) clients with the services of the sanatorium. Learn techniques for resolving conflict situations and successfully resolving client requirements.

As a result of the training, participants will learn effective super-service techniques, receive techniques that form the guests' trust and confidence in making the right choice. Learn the techniques of building mutual understanding with the guest and achieving maximum loyalty in relation to the sanatorium, the use of which raises the percentage of regular guests. They will learn techniques for resolving conflict situations, working with customer complaints, working with objections and uncomfortable questions.

Restaurant managers, managers and supervisors will receive practical recommendations to improve the efficiency of their establishments, marketing and service tools for managing occupancy and increasing the amount of the check. Waiters will receive technologies for increasing the value of a check, attracting a guest for the days and times of day necessary to fill the establishment, and selling high-margin meals and drinks. Participants will master technologies for resolving conflicts and work out difficult situations that arose in the course of working with guests.

They will receive techniques for building mutual understanding with the patient and achieving maximum patient loyalty in relation to the medical center and the sanatorium in general, the use of which raises the percentage of regular customers. They will study technologies for presenting expensive services of the center, recommendations for additional paid services and cross-offer of services in various areas of the medical center.

Participants will receive practical tools aimed at building the commitment of guests who value quality service and a personalized approach. Learn all the most important about the motives, values, objections and barriers of the client-guest-patient. They will study the algorithm for the correct interaction with the guest in various situations, ranging from clarifying needs to resolving controversial issues at all stages of receiving services.

Master training for sanatoriums


The price of a master training is 247 rubles.


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