Succeeding in the complex market of spa treatment is a special challenge. The difficulty lies in combining medical competence with impeccable service, comfort and relaxation. Wellness is combined with a curative effect, natural factors with university medicine, a hotel with diagnostic and therapeutic offers. All this should work with ease, aesthetics and the greatest possible individuality for each guest.

The decisive factors are a logical concept that is understandable to both the guest and the staff, a well-thought-out strategy, well-functioning processes and a fast-appearing noticeable healing effect from all procedures, since the length of guests' stay is shorter than with classical treatment.

Guests who are willing to invest in their health and wellness have high expectations and seek only the best quality. They are demanding but loyal regulars if they are content.

Khomutova & Partners offers a full range of consulting services for spa treatment facilities focused on comfort and quality wellness. Thanks to our experience, we can support health resorts at all stages of development, both in the form of independent works and in the form of complex solutions.


Development of strategies and plans to achieve the goals set by customers in the most effective way way. More >>

Systems research to establish principles and solutions through a keen understanding of a complex situation or problem. More >>

Thorough analysis of the strategy, structure and business processes, to identify aspects for improvement. More >>

An objective view from the outside is a feature of our marketing consulting. More >>

An independent view of business without prejudice, experience and an innovative approach. More >>

Investment in human capital is always an increase in the company's profits. More >>

Staff development

Khomutova & Partners offers engagement trainings and master classes designed specifically for medical clinics, sanatoriums and cosmetologists, focused on certain areas of their activity. Heads of medical centers who take part in our author's master classes receive recommendations that have been proven by the practice of implementing successful projects in various regions of Russia.


School of Medical Management, Service and Marketing. More >>


Expert group for work with sanatoriums



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