What to think about when starting a promotion

Starting to develop the concept of an advertising campaign, you must first of all get answers to the following questions for yourself if you intend to get sales growth as a result of an advertising campaign.

Of course, if your task is simply to help advertising managers of various agencies, media (newspapers, TV and radio channels, outdoor and indoor) achieve their sales targets, then you can safely not think about anything and just post everything in a row and everywhere. Everything, according to the principle, needs to be located somewhere, you need to do something. If you don’t think about the following questions below every time you put out the slightest message on the market, then you need to pray well for just getting lucky.

So the questions. They are obvious, they are simple and very important in order for you to do exactly what you need to do, where you need it, when you need it, and for whom you need it. 

WHAT are you going to advertise? Is your product or service suitable to fully meet the needs of consumers, how competitive is it (they)? The goal of marketing is to maximize consumer satisfaction, not your vanity as a manufacturer of goods or services.

WHERE are you going to advertise your product or service? Have you studied the geographic and demographic aspects of your chosen market or its segment, have you seriously analyzed and correctly identified the target groups of consumers?

WHO decides to buy the advertised product in the selected market? Has a socio-demographic profile of consumers of the main target groups been compiled?

WHEN is the best time to run an ad campaign? Does it coincide in time with any events or activities that may affect the course of your campaign in a positive or negative way?

WHAT INFLUENCES the consumer's decision to purchase the advertised product (what are the main consumer motives)? How does the consumer come to this decision? What arguments in your advertising message will determine its choice?

WHAT ARE the main points of your competitors' advertising concept? What advertising media do they use?

Everything is simple and important. Remember to constantly ask yourself this. And then you are guaranteed good sales.

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