The benefits of the press and how media advertising works

You can clearly regulate the audience through the use of specialized publications.

  • Status
  • Age
  • Gender

You can adjust the geography of distribution.

You can adjust the appointment of B2B / B2C.

Newspapers are trusted.

Gloss is entertaining.

Directories help in targeted searches.

Depending on the purpose of the printed edition, different editions are recommended, each of which broadcasts its messages, its level of status or benefits.

  • Newspaper: text information - article, useful data, events
  • Glossy: colorful layout conveying emotion, state, lifestyle, fantasy
  • Directory: what, how much, where

 Non-standard advertising in the press:

  • Additional magazine cover.
  • Separate inserts, different paper sizes.
  • Distribution together with the publication of individual leaflets or other advertising media - plastic cards, samples, CDs.
  • Perforation.
  • Varnishing of individual elements in the layout.
  • Cutting down individual elements.
  • Perfume pages.

Trend to consider:

  • The society does not read, but looks at pictures.
  • Gloss is read from the end.
  • Due to the lack of time, people read less and less.
  • Most of the publications, taking into account the tendency of gadget dependence, publish their own Internet versions.
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