An emerging and competitive market has given rise to a number of challenges, including increasing price pressures, uncertain market access dynamics, changing consumer behavior and the intervention of non-traditional healthcare players. These trends are forcing life sciences companies to think strategically about what aspects of their current business they want to invest in and what new growth paths they need to explore.

Khomutova & Partners helps pharmaceutical industry leaders develop practical strategies and plans to improve patient care and leadership in the dynamic global healthcare market.

Small, medium and large pharmaceutical companies turn to us for help in order to:

1) Define and implement corporate strategy. We work closely with our clients to define and implement customized strategies to create long-term and sustainable value. Whether it's defining a new business model, driving growth after a first product launch, evaluating attractive adjacent areas, identifying ways to scale a team, or building franchise leadership, our team has a proven track record of helping our clients build winning strategies that are unique to their specific environments.

2) Enter new markets. We help our clients expand into new geographies and market segments. This includes prescription and consumer markets; primary and specialized care markets; chronic and acute disease markets; research, diagnostic and therapeutic markets; and new, innovative markets. Our go-to-market strategies for customers open the door to growth and long-term value creation.

3) Launch innovative products and services. Together with our clients, we develop commercial launch strategies in various markets. We have demonstrated success in supporting pharmaceutical and medical brands in many regions. Our commercial planning and launch experience includes pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, diagnostics, and life science support services.

4) Optimize operations. We work closely with our clients to optimize operations, organizational structures, financial performance and processes throughout the value chain. Our work for clients has increased productivity and improved performance at the company, business unit and operating team levels in a number of sectors.


Development of strategies and plans to achieve the goals set by customers in the most effective way way. More >>

Systems research to establish principles and solutions through a keen understanding of a complex situation or problem. More >>

Thorough analysis of the strategy, structure and business processes, to identify aspects for improvement. More >>

An objective view from the outside is a feature of our marketing consulting. More >>

An independent view of business without prejudice, experience and an innovative approach. More >>

Investment in human capital is always an increase in the company's profits. More >>

Staff development

Khomutova & Partners offers engagement trainings and master classes designed specifically for medical clinics, sanatoriums and cosmetologists, focused on certain areas of their activity. Heads of medical centers who take part in our author's master classes receive recommendations that have been proven by the practice of implementing successful projects in various regions of Russia.


School of Medical Management, Service and Marketing. More >>


Expert group for working with pharmaceutical companies



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