Useful ideas for creating effective outdoor advertising

Useful ideas for creating effective outdoor advertising are a minimum of information and a bright, noticeable in the urban environment message, layout.

Always remember - no one will consider your advertisement, study, or penetrate your secret message. At the speed of the car, they will fly by and will not notice, if you did not try to attract attention, "cram" the summarized information in an understood concentrated form.

  • Your thought should be bright. Outdoor advertising does not recognize subtleties, it should catch the eye in the first second, be remembered quickly and for a long time, shock the viewer with its performance, size and clarity of the text.
  • The layout should be simple. Outdoor advertising is the object of the viewer's attention for just a few seconds. Your ad should consist of one image and your ad text should not exceed 7 words.
  • For more effective memorization, strive to find an emotional context.
  • Use color to improve perception. It was found that the contrasting color combination is the easiest to read.
  • Use the environment for your own purposes. For residential construction, it is recommended to place advertisements next to your properties: "If you lived here, you would already feel at home." Use advertisements to tell passers-by that your restaurant is around the next bend and your boutique is across the street. "Customize" the language and design of your ad for the right audience.
  • Your ad must be recognizable. Try to make your ad look different from your competitors' ads.
  • Attention to advertising is directly proportional to its size.
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