What you need to know about male motivation

Male motivation in advertising. We manipulate and increase sales.

Advertisements that offer the image of a protector are more interesting for a male audience.

A man will always be the protector of the weak and unjustly offended - this is a biologically determined motive of behavior.

The attitude to hierarchy and status is different for women and men.

For a woman, status is the status of her man.

If a man dreams of becoming a millionaire, then a woman dreams of becoming the wife of a millionaire.

Here the ways of advertising influence on different gender groups begin to diverge sharply.

What do men want?

The main biological motivation of a man is to take the highest level in the hierarchy and thus get the love of the maximum number of women.

Everyone knows that competitiveness is in the blood of men, they are constantly “measured” with something: money, hunting trophies, academic degrees.

However, male competition is valuable not in itself, but as an opportunity to receive a prize - to become the "king of the mountain" and gain the attention and favor of women.

A person is not aware of these aspirations and will most likely deny in words.

What are the most expensive products? Those that emphasize the status of the owner, that show how much the owner has achieved in life, "I can afford it."

The main subjects of advertising aimed at men are: winning a competition, achieving superiority over competitors, or seducing women. And to join these victories, at least mentally, it is proposed through a certain product.

It is not necessary to exploit these "basic instincts" explicitly and aggressively, sometimes it is enough to show the competitive process only indirectly, and this already arouses the interest of the male audience.

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