Marketing audit of the sanatorium


One-time efforts aimed at increasing the traffic of patients to the Sanatorium have a short-term effect, since systemic problems are not solved: infrastructural, assortment, marketing and service. The need to eliminate systemic problems requires a comprehensive solution. The objective of the marketing audit of the Medical Department of the Sanatorium is to identify bottlenecks and form an exhaustive list of improvements aimed at increasing the depth of sales, increasing the average bill, increasing occupancy and attracting a solvent audience.

Marketing audit


As part of the business program of the All-Russian Forum "Zdravnitsa 2022", Khomutova & Partners provides participants with special conditions for conducting a Marketing audit of the medical unit of the Sanatorium.​

Special price

Special price for participants of the All-Russian Forum "Zdravnitsa 2022": 600 000 rub. RUB 480 / 000 object



  • Analysis of the format and unique offer. Assessment of compliance of the Sanatorium with the expectations of the target audience. Identification of offers that do not correspond to positioning. Formation of a list of proposals that meet and do not meet the needs of the audience.
  • Assessment of psychographic characteristics of the target audience. Development of archetypal models of patients. Description of the portraits and needs of the target audience groups, the basis for trust, tone, manner and style of communication for each target group.
  • Determining the elements of the emotional and rational content of the brand for different groups of the target audience.
  • Development of a brand platform for the Medical Division of the Sanatorium - unique advantages that reflect positioning in relation to competitors based on the analysis of information about the target audience, the nature and values ​​of the brand.
  • Recommendations for adjusting the positioning strategy aimed at increasing the attractiveness for patients.
  • Development of the creative component of the communication policy.
  • Definition of the perimeter (geography of sales). Description of the perimeter in order to build channels for effective interaction with the target audience.
  • Analysis of the closest competitors and development of recommendations to improve the competitiveness of the complex. Identification of the main competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Audit of the quality of services provided and their compliance with the preferences of the target audience.
  • Recommendations on the use of funds aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the services provided.
  • Recommendations for adjusting the assortment, pricing policy and bringing it in line with the needs of the audience.
  • Determination of ways to increase competitiveness with respect to other Sanatoriums of the same category.
  • Recommendations for adapting the specialization of the product programs of the Sanatorium to the needs of the target audience based on the analysis, taking into account the specialization of the Medical Department, equipment and experience of the medical staff.


  • Evaluation of the quality of guest service by the employees of the Sanatorium.
  • Analysis of the quality of personnel work, identification of internal threats, identification of weaknesses in the service.
  • Evaluation of involvement, satisfaction and focus on improving the competitiveness of the Sanatorium by the employees of the Medical Department.
  • Development of recommendations based on the results obtained in order to adjust the indicators and improve the eNPS.
  • Recommendations aimed at stimulating sales and repeat visits.
  • Evaluation of the services offered by the Sanatorium Medical Center and the methods used to increase audience loyalty.
  • Recommendations for the implementation of services that stimulate sales and increase patient loyalty, improve the quality of communications between medical staff and clients of the Sanatorium.


  • Evaluation of the atmosphere of the Medical Division of the Sanatorium in accordance with its declared category. Evaluation of the tools used to encourage patients to return multiple times, disseminate positive feedback.
  • Assessment of the architectural and spatial organization of public areas, the state of public areas and offices. Evaluation of the comfort of moving patients and their routing.
  • Conclusions about the relevance of the design. A list of recommendations aimed at updating the design in order to increase customer satisfaction and the relevance of the Sanatorium.
  • Development of recommendations aimed at improving the quality of conditions for receiving patients in accordance with the Sanatorium category.
  • Recommendations for creating an atmosphere that increases the loyalty of the target audience, its popularity and relevance.


  • Audit of the compliance of the promotion tools used with the tasks of the Sanatorium. Analysis of the implemented concept of promoting the medical direction of the Sanatorium.
  • Recommendations for adjusting marketing tools and forms of their implementation in order to increase the stimulating effect when influencing the target audience.
  • Analysis of a loyalty program aimed at encouraging a guest to return multiple times. Development of recommendations for the implementation of tools that stimulate the growth of the average bill and the return of patients.


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