Marketing & Sales

Customer expectations, experiences and relationships are changing dramatically in virtually every industry. Traditional approaches that once guaranteed success are becoming a thing of the past in a rapidly evolving and transforming competitive marketplace. Modern marketing requires speed - speed in the right direction. We help you achieve this through a well-designed marketing operating model that allows you to execute fast, complex maneuvers that deliver massive results.

Having completed more than 200 projects in various regions and industries, the Khomutova & Partners team can help your company apply the best practices and technologies that have shown their effectiveness, rebuild engagement and communication models, seamlessly integrate digital channels into human communications, providing a technical opportunity for continuous strengthening relationship with customers and meeting their growing expectations.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing strategy development

We understand the challenges marketers face: digital empowerment has dramatically changed customer behavior, making traditional marketing methods virtually obsolete. Your customers know more, expect more, and move faster than ever. Sales cycles are shorter and data volume has increased exponentially. But they are difficult to use. Your Key Growth Opportunities:


  • Customer analysis and segmentation
  • Dynamic customer experience
  • Active ecosystem management
  • Intelligent Leadership Content Marketing
  • Unified digital platforms
  • Experimental testing and results-based innovation

We can help you develop each of these capabilities through a structured three-step approach that starts with a detailed assessment of your current condition, goes through design and testing, and ends with full implementation and tracking of results. We bring a powerful combination of analytics, creativity and business insight to your organization's marketing efforts.

The Khomutova & Partners team will help you develop a strategy that takes into account the changes and provides an increase in profits at a lower cost. We will help you make the desired progress and build internal skills that help your business remain adaptable in a rapidly changing environment and its new challenges.

Marketing audit

In the face of dramatic changes in consumer demand, marketers must find innovative ways to create more touchpoints, advanced technology, and test capabilities - all while increasing MROIs.

The purpose of a marketing audit is a comprehensive and independent study of the company's marketing environment, its goals, strategies and activities in order to identify problems and opportunities, as well as develop an action plan to improve the company's marketing efficiency.

Marketing is not a cost to manage. This is the most important element of your customer acquisition strategy. But it can be difficult for marketers when it comes to figuring out the appropriateness of the costs, proving that your approach is delivering results. As marketing becomes more sophisticated and integrated with data science, IT, sales, and a growing roster of external partners, companies must combine a data-driven approach with the creative work they need to succeed.

Expand your operating model to include experience and expertise, customer loyalty programs and market-specific digital technologies. We'll help you find the right balance so you can move faster, stay ahead of the competition as you reach customers at the right time and in the right ways, and deliver more value than ever before.

Improving customer experience

In the face of uncertainty and dynamically changing consumer psychology, a deep understanding of new client scenarios comes to the fore, as a guideline in making many business decisions and a source of strategic opportunities. We help companies adapt to the transformation of society by providing consumers of a new formation with the exact product and services that will fit into changed scenarios, improving the customer experience at every point of contact, taking into account the evolving mentality of the digital consumer.

Improving customer experience and building effective interaction with the audience at each point of contact is based on a deep understanding of changing customer situational scenarios and their archetypal models. In order to listen to consumers, understand their expectations, values, barriers, opportunities, lifestyle, and find common ground based on their states and motives, we use a set of tools that allow us to see the transformation of consumer behavior.

Taking into account the changes in the audience's motives, the need to adapt the business communication system, we systematize consumer states at each point of contact, predict scenarios of possible changes, helping our clients to make the right decisions. Our experts help companies in a wide variety of business segments learn to see the world through the eyes of their customers, uncovering often subtle mental barriers that directly influence decision making.

We help you achieve sustainable organic growth and realize your full sales and marketing potential by placing your customers at the center of your company's strategy. Our DCEP (Dodecahedron Client Experience Projection) system for building a customer-centric system, including sales, service and marketing, is aimed at increasing customer loyalty and maximizing its impact on your bottom line. Our approach to building marketing, from in-depth market research to customer experience transformation, ensures effective interaction with the audience at every point of contact.

Marketing support

Khomutova & Partners does more than help your organization develop a sound strategy. Our team will help you realize any ambition, diagnose and provide the tools you need to improve the customer experience and earn the loyalty of your audience.


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