Guerrilla marketing

Examples of effective guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an effective technique that exploits the urban environment. Non-standard solutions, layouts and methods of their placement surprise the audience, are remembered and make people tell each other as interesting news the non-standard advertisement they saw.

These examples are easy to implement and you can use them to generate your own ideas. Expand your space.

  • Massage room. The client rests face down for 40 minutes and examines the masseur's slippers. I could read your ad.
  • Use residential buildings. Advertising on the window of a residential building sticking out from the balcony or from the window in the form of a remote construction or a flag. This is noticeable, especially if there are 10 such structures on the house. And if you place them on several houses, with access to the central avenue? Give gifts to the residents of the house and get a very attractive advertising space.
  • Snow. We live in Russia. Here snow lies on the roads for free for 8 months a year. Write on it with a spray can, stencil any advertisement. And every day, unlimited in quantity. This is not hooliganism, you do not spoil city property, as is the case with asphalt.
  • Use animals. Dress them up in advertising costumes, present them to their owners. Animals in cute overalls are very attractive and noticeable. They will be photographed, they will be talked about and about you.
  • Promoters. Gag them and give them your posters. This presentation will make you study the poster.
  • Run the promoter in the balloon through the city streets. Balloons in all theme parks - rent them and get crazy effect from 1 promoter.
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