Instinct manipulation gives your product added value

If you want a truly loyal audience that firmly believes that Actimel is needed for immunity, dietary supplements improve memory, and scale will not form in the washing machine thanks to Tide technologies, you also need to learn how to manipulate.

Manipulation is the foundation of successful advertising. To do this, you first have to accurately determine with your consumer, and then get into his brain, soul and skin.

Only successful advertising is based on stable stereotypes, phobias, and audience ambitions. Manipulation enhances them, thereby stimulating the sale of a specific product, through which the target audience either gains confidence, peace, or increases their emotional status.

If we did not impose on women the fear of old age and wilting, not a single expensive cream would be sold. Only stroking in the form - "you will be beautiful" and on fears of wrinkles, there are sales of brands with extra profits. The same composition of the cream, which equally moisturizes and has not saved anyone from wrinkles, under the brand that works with the subconscious of the consumer and simply "Camomile" the price difference is 10 times or more.

The cost of your work with the subconscious of the consumer is the added value of your product. You will not manipulate - discounts, discounts and other price deflections are your destiny.

If you scare or, on the contrary, console and praise the consumer, working with his true motives, you will have the added value that you can master at the price of your brand.

So, in detail about instincts. This is very important, because with the left hemisphere we think and count rubles only if we are not hooked enough.

A person has three pronounced instincts:

The survival instinct of an individual (Self-preservation ˩ Taking care of yourself and your health Protection Selfishness)

Group survival instinct (Hierarchy

The survival instinct of the species (Reproduction Sexuality, sensuality Caring for the offspring, of oneself as the continuer of the family Partly about the ancestors who gave rise to the family)

Instincts completely control a person through desires and fears.

Advertising campaigns, which are based on the impact on instincts, are developed at once in two directions of influence on the subconscious:

  • Satisfying desire
  • Neutralizing the fear of the impracticability of desires

They buy Ferrari for the price it costs, because in addition to high technology, it is a Brand. Namely Brand with a capital letter. He immediately works with three basic instincts.

Firstly, the consumer unconditionally believes in his power, reliability, safety, which means that he will definitely survive in him if something suddenly happens. This is an instinct for self-preservation.

Secondly, the owner of this car is an untouchable caste. These are the elite, these are those who are on Olympus, and from the point of view of the hierarchy, they are definitely ontop. It is the instinct of "belonging to a group" and "hierarchy within a group."

Third, it's sexy. This car is a favorite decoration for any man. Any man is beautiful in a Ferrari, somehow magically attractive, and he is needed by any beauty that he wants. This is the instinct for reproduction, sexuality. Anyone who says that he would not buy a Ferrari - I will answer that he would definitely buy, if he had the opportunity.

This is a very powerful brand, this is not a car that consists of iron, an engine, airbags, leather seats - this is a dream. A dream should be fabulously expensive and access to it should be limited to a select few.

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