Instincts in advertising

Instincts in advertising. Almost everything can be sold through “I want to live and I fear death”. Learn more about this most important topic.

I've already talked about instincts and their implications for advertising. It is possible and necessary to talk about this in great detail and a lot, because the success of the business depends on understanding or lack of understanding, sales and cost depend on it. Any product can be sold dearly by pressing the right buttons. Building materials, sausage, a car, an apartment in a good area, a prestigious school for a child, plastic windows, cream, vitamins, “healthy products” and a million of everything that is not directly related to the life, safety of the buyer - can and should be tied to the concept of “self-preservation ".

Desire - I want to live.

Fear - I'm afraid of death.

If the advertising of a product is based on the idea of ​​health and life through food, then any vague promises resonate in the subconscious.

It is proposed to neutralize fear through the use of the product.

It is for the very reason that instincts control us through emotions, without bothering with motivation, that they can be effectively played.

Technique and texts of influence on instincts never require proof. Remember! It is very important! The consumer almost does not need proof - he will convince himself, just to reduce the fear of death.

Does Donacor remove cholesterol from the body?

Does Activia help digestion?

Does Imunele strengthen the immune system?

It does not matter. It is important that the use of this product prolongs life and dulls fear.

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