Do you sleep badly? Time to wake up! - Irina Khomutova, Khomutova & Partners

Are you sleeping poorly? Time to wake up!

Did you know the pandemic triggered a sleep crisis? In the recent New York Times article more than 60% of people today have been reported to suffer from chronic sleep problems, up from around 20% before the pandemic.

This information is startling and deeply disturbing.

Consider that 60% of your customers, 60% of your employees, and 60% of your family members show signs of lack of sleep, including:

  1. reduced concentration of attention,
  2. irritability,
  3. decreased productivity,
  4. decreased cognitive function.

In the long term, lack of sleep can affect mental health as well, and even lead to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. I am sure it will be many years before we realize the full consequences of this pandemic.

In this regard, I began to look at WLB, physical and mental health in a new way, changed the requirements for employees and contractors, and became even more attentive to clients. How are you doing?

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