Industrial companies are facing challenging conditions that are forcing C-suite leaders to optimize their costs, redefine business models, create new opportunities and manage in an evolving market that is increasingly influenced by new technologies. Successful industrial enterprises must change the way their companies operate in order to compete more effectively in the future.

To be successful, senior leaders must create new opportunities, redefine existing sales strategies, adopt new technologies, focus on innovation, develop more agile and agile organizational structures, and look for ways to expand into new markets and geographies.

We work with industry leaders as an independent consultant to address each of these issues. Khomutova & Partners combines deep industry knowledge, factual information and cutting-edge analytics to find solutions to complex problems to take the necessary strategic actions to ensure leadership in the industrial market.

Large, medium and small industrial enterprises attract us for:

1) Definition and implementation of the growth strategy. We work closely with our clients to define and implement their strategic vision for long-term growth. From evaluating the attractiveness of market opportunities to identifying new opportunities in an existing business model. Khomutova & Partners has a proven track record of helping our clients build winning strategies tailored to each unique situation.

2) Development of a more efficient commercial model. We help our clients evaluate their value proposition and rethink their go-to-market strategy. We have the advanced analytical capabilities needed to assess pricing strategy, benchmark against competitors, and ensure that our clients' workforce is performing at its best.

3) Improving operational and organizational efficiency. We work closely with our clients to optimize processes (supply chain management and operational efficiency), evaluate opportunities and best practices. Our work helps clients position their organization along core value drivers to achieve strategic priorities and drive financial growth.


Development of strategies and plans to achieve the goals set by customers in the most effective way way. More >>

Systems research to establish principles and solutions through a keen understanding of a complex situation or problem. More >>

Thorough analysis of the strategy, structure and business processes, to identify aspects for improvement. More >>

An objective view from the outside is a feature of our marketing consulting. More >>

An independent view of business without prejudice, experience and an innovative approach. More >>

Investment in human capital is always an increase in the company's profits. More >>


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