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In corporate governance, an independent director is a member of the board of directors who is not part of its executive team and does not participate in the day-to-day operations of the company, and has no relationship with the company, which may interfere with the exercise of independent judgment. Appointing independent directors tends to lead to more knowledge, insight, and guidance due to the fact that leaders have different backgrounds. A board with an independent director is better suited to oversee the CEO. In addition, an independent The director provides independent oversight and serves on committees that deal with sensitive issues such as salaries of executive directors and other senior managers, audits, and others. All directors must be able to see the problems of the company and the business in a broad sense. An Independent Director is selected for his impartiality and initiative, appropriate qualifications and special personal qualities.

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  • An independent director communicates an objective point of view. He has no family or other ties to the business. He can take a critical look at the business without prejudice.
  • Brings business knowledge and experience from other areas. Many startups and fast-growing businesses tend to operate in a vacuum, ignoring outside forces. The independent director introduces a fresh and innovative approach. He can compensate for some of the key areas where leadership may feel weak.
  • Has significant experience in business management.
  • Has competencies in the field of strategy, HR, finance, marketing.


  • Constructive criticism of the strategy and contributing to its development through a clearer or broader understanding of the possible factors affecting the company and its business environment.
  • Evaluating management's effectiveness in achieving agreed goals and objectives, and monitoring.
  • Verifying the accuracy of financial and other information and the reliability of controls and risk management systems.
  • Improving the efficiency of the company and the board of directors through external contacts and opinions.

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