The hospitality industry

Khomutova & Partners consultants know that each consulting assignment differs in its scale and expected result. Our team of HoReCa experts is committed to working with every client seeking advice to ensure the industry emerges from the global coronavirus crisis as soon as possible.

As seasoned experts in their unique disciplines, Khomutova & Partners consultants provide practical, profit-oriented advisory services and support in the implementation of their recommendations. Khomutova & Partners consultants adhere to the highest ethical, professional and confidential standards.

The hospitality industry

We work with our clients from the moment of preparation of the offer to the final presentation and implementation of the project, and each client has direct and immediate access to his consultant 24/7. Based on our own experience, we understand how to complete our tasks with the least possible interruption to the ongoing business process, working effectively and efficiently with the client's team and delivering a highly effective work product to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our HoReCa consultants have provided services in more than 50 cities in Russia and the CIS, and many of them have spent a significant period of time on site building strong relationships with client teams.

In a wide range of our customers from the HoReCa industry, the following main groups can be distinguished:

  • Developers, owners and operators of hotels and resorts,
  • Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other catering establishments.


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