Healthcare companies

Creating value for patients is the most important competitive advantage for healthcare providers, whether they are networked medical centers, large clinical hospitals, sanatoriums or beauty centers. They are all interested in transforming their business processes to deliver cost-competitive healthcare services that deliver superior patient outcomes and sustained organizational growth.

Patient value medicine delivers better outcomes at the same or lower overall cost. Improving the efficiency of healthcare companies depends on many factors: an in-depth analysis of existing business processes, the study of modern best practices, a rigorous analysis of bottlenecks and improved results.

Healthcare companies

Clinics compete in the information open market. Patients are almost always confident that they know which clinics or doctors provide the best service at the same or lower cost, and which procedures are best for them. Leading clinics try to use an integrated approach, strategically choosing what to specialize in and what proposals to form. Khomutova & Partners has extensive experience in the promotion of clinics, sanatoriums and cosmetology, based on a deep understanding of the values ​​of patients.

We focus our attention on the needs of patients. It seems obvious that healthcare companies have competitive advantages, which focus on the benefits for patients in both the medical and service components, with special attention to digitalization, which improves the quality of service and patient outcomes in general. The proliferation of smartphones and laptops encourages consumers to use web-based tools. Leading healthcare providers are using the Internet strategically to improve patient health, reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Some of the ways we help leading healthcare organizations include:

1) Ensuring growth and development of new business. We work closely with clients to assess new markets, prioritize strategic growth opportunities, develop business plans and commercial models, and develop implementation roadmaps to reduce costs and improve outcomes and quality of care.

2) Stimulation of innovations. We help clients translate ideas into new industry models through thoughtful research, a clear articulation and refinement of the value proposition, and a hands-on approach to integrating new solutions into the healthcare value chain.

3) Improving models for the provision of medical services. We partner with clients to define technology, product and service models to meet the growing demand for healthcare in primary, emergency, home and social care settings.

4) Khomutova & Partners supports clients throughout the value chain in developing sound strategies to increase revenue, identify new market opportunities and provide innovative solutions to consumers. We combine consumer research with quantitative growth and profitability analysis, simulation of adoption rates and other market dynamics.

5) Improving operational efficiency. Our hands-on experience working with customers, suppliers and other market participants allows us to work closely with senior management and line management to diagnose problems, develop and implement performance improvement plans. We have deep experience in all parts of the healthcare value chain in areas such as sales and marketing, customer service and retention, the revenue cycle, and finance.


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Staff development

Khomutova & Partners offers engagement trainings and master classes designed specifically for medical clinics, sanatoriums and cosmetologists, focused on certain areas of their activity. Heads of medical centers who take part in our author's master classes receive recommendations that have been proven by the practice of implementing successful projects in various regions of Russia.


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