Bad advice

Some bad advice for a company director. Or how to kill time and bury your advertising money.

  1. Everyone understands advertising! Those who think otherwise want to take money from you "no way."
  2. Work in the "yesterday" mode, in the enhanced mode. This rhythm invigorates the team.
  3. Torment designers, let each new version be worse than the previous one. Wait for this final layout and go back to the original design.
  4. Don't make the decision yourself. Gather everyone - relatives, accountants and a personal driver. They know exactly what your company's strategy is and how best to communicate it to the consumer. Ask their opinion, let them tell the designer what to add.
  5. Try not to talk about the benefits of the product. Focus all ads on extraneous creatives. Try to confuse the client, sidetrack.
  6. Try to be very detailed about the process. The client needs to know how you are producing.
  7. Remember, you only have one layout. Try to accommodate everything. Believe me, the client will definitely read everything.
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