Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing. Cheap and very effective

Advertising is a geographic "hunt" for the consumer

Marketer - "fisherman"

Target audience - "fish"

Location of consumers - "habitat"

Advertising media - "traps"

Layout, image, text, sounds - "bait"

The majority of advertising layouts and videos are perceived mainly subconsciously, unconsciously. This, of course, has a lot of advantages. Nevertheless, if it is possible to make the consumer not only openly perceive your advertising message, but also actively participate in its further promotion, then I recommend the methods of guerrilla marketing.

These are always non-standard technologies and mostly cheap ones. The main cost, as a rule, is the idea itself, the technology being introduced.

There are both very simple tools, there are also quite complex ones in the organization when it comes to events, complex events.

Conscious perception of advertising by the consumer occurs only in a number of cases:

  • There is a repetition of the same type of message, image: due to the large number of carriers, in all locations of the target audience
  • The media has a non-standard format, text, sounds, images
  • Non-standard forms of marketing and advertising are used: event, BTL, partisan advertising
  • POS (office, adjacent space should place promotional promotional products - posters, advertisements, advertising stands)
  • sales promotion among consumers (use of network marketing tools)
  • distribution of corporate newspapers (any type of printed matter)
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