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Khomutova & Partners experts help FMCG companies to thrive and compete successfully. By starting with a deep understanding of your business and the capabilities of the consumer products industry, we help you find the right development options that drive consumer-centric innovation. To gain competitive advantage in a turbulent environment, we analyze the drivers of value creation and look for opportunities that shape the future, forming an objective vision of the company to assess the starting point for starting change. Our experts help companies turn their ideas into actions that add value.

We develop winning strategies in the face of uncertainty, focusing on consumer needs, and driving accelerated brand capitalization. We help build relationships with retailers and improve supply chains and simplify operating models to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. Our clients include manufacturing and supplying companies in food, beverage, personal and household care, consumer electronics, apparel and footwear, and other sectors.

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Consumer goods companies, from small emerging brands to large enterprises, hire us for:

1) Growth acceleration. Our main specialization is growth strategy. We are experienced in prioritizing growth vectors and agreeing on how to implement the strategies needed to achieve tangible results, justifying strategic options with a deep understanding of consumers – both psychographic and behavioral – and brand position to clearly identify areas of highest strategic value.

2) Brand strategy definitions. We believe that a strategy should be customer driven – it should be based on a clear understanding of your main target customer segments, what they value, how they behave along the buying path, what motivates them to make decisions, etc. This leads to positioning your brand to the right consumers in the right way. Deep analytics and many years of experience allow us to offer clients the right strategies and recommendations to properly focus brands and let them unlock their value.

3) Determining the right marketing channel strategy. We help clients navigate this complex issue by clearly defining the roles, rules, and appropriate strategies for each channel. In doing so, we assist clients with many aspects of channel strategy, including deciding where to participate and where not to participate, growing sales and profits across distribution points, restructuring distribution, refining distributor and marketplace strategies, building or recalibrating a D2C strategy, defining a holistic digital and e-commerce strategy and more.

Marketing audit and support

The Khomutova & Partners team will help you realize any ambition, diagnose and provide the tools you need to improve your customer experience and earn loyalty to your audience.


Full cycle communication agency. Development of marketing concepts, branding, marketing outsourcing. More >>


Systems research to establish principles and solutions through a keen understanding of a complex situation or problem. More >>


Developing strategies and plans to achieve customer goals in the most efficient way. More >>

Systems research to establish principles and solutions through a keen understanding of a complex situation or problem. More >>

Thorough analysis of the strategy, structure and business processes, to identify aspects for improvement. More >>

An objective view from the outside is a feature of our marketing consulting. More >>

An independent view of business without prejudice, experience and an innovative approach. More >>

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