bad review

How do I get the right reviews?

Have you noticed that even good reviews often lack emotion? But it is the reviews that are full of not only dry facts, but also vivid emotions that attract customers more than others. But in order for customers to leave only such feedback, we need to understand when it is usually the best time to receive feedback.

Before making a purchase, customers usually experience strong positive emotions based on anticipation, desire for possession, and fantasies. But some time after the purchase, a certain devastation appears, caused by the feeling of missed opportunities or even disappointment, because any purchase is almost always a compromise. And, what is important, this has nothing to do with the quality of the product, it is the usual emotional swing that is common to all people. A good moment to receive a review appears when the purchase has already been made, and the devastation has not yet arrived. This is the best period. You will never be more satisfied with a product or service than a moment before the end of this period. Have you noticed how quickly the excitement of buying a new car gives way to dreams of another model or brand?

If you want to capture emotions, you must define this period very accurately. You need to know when it ends. For example, if you have a restaurant, ask yourself when do your guests experience the greatest joy in dining? At the table or at home the next day? If you provide health care services, when will your patients be most satisfied with a doctor's appointment? Immediately after taking or after completing a full course of treatment?

Think about when your customers are most enthusiastic about the products and services you offer, and this is when you should ask for a review. You can be sure that the reviews you receive will be completely different from the ones you are used to receiving. Emotions sell better. Emotions lead to action. If you receive these emotional customer reviews, you will be ahead of the competition.

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