Khomutova & Partners works with public, private non-profit and private for-profit educational institutions. We also work with foundations related to the education industry.

Both public and private education organizations face challenges in choosing the right geographic markets for expansion, creating the right educational offerings for each locality, and making the right investments to deliver services. As a result, sound strategy is more important than ever in education. We combine primary research with strategic consulting to help clients realize growth opportunities in new sectors and regions.

Customers engage us to:

1) Identify opportunities. Since sustainable growth and profits are strategic imperatives, we provide an overview of regional education markets, local market demand and competitive landscape. This helps identify commercial opportunities and relationships, which is an important step in building and strengthening a regional presence.

2) Evaluate potential investments. More education companies are using investment as a way to scale. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire transaction cycle. Our support ranges from identifying attractive companies to conducting commercial due diligence, as well as providing exit support.

3) Determine winning strategies. We help clients transform the knowledge gained into practical, tactical initiatives that are consistent with their goals and objectives. To do this, we conduct in-depth market assessments, use analytics, and combine an understanding of local markets with awareness of global trends in the education industry.

4) Assess key areas for potential growth. We are evaluating opportunities for clients seeking to expand their offerings by expanding into related educational sub-sectors. Through our understanding of the education industry, we also help clients create business plans for new opportunities based on specific goals and priorities.


Development of strategies and plans to achieve the goals set by customers in the most effective way way. More >>

Systems research to establish principles and solutions through a keen understanding of a complex situation or problem. More >>

Thorough analysis of the strategy, structure and business processes, to identify aspects for improvement. More >>

An objective view from the outside is a feature of our marketing consulting. More >>

An independent view of business without prejudice, experience and an innovative approach. More >>

Investment in human capital is always an increase in the company's profits. More >>


Expert group for work with educational organizations



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