The market is constantly changing, new challenges arise. Companies in a wide variety of industries have to make difficult decisions to quickly adapt and integrate into a new environment. Change management entails new tasks and questions, to which it is important to receive prompt and competent answers.

Khomutova & Partners helps clients identify and focus on the most valuable and significant data, turning them into competitive advantages. Leading experts with in-depth industry knowledge, understanding industry economics, customer needs and competitive dynamics, help clients fine-tune and adapt their business strategy, define positioning, improve the sales process and increase its efficiency.

Our consultants help both the teams of the existing business in solving the tasks assigned to them, and those who still have only ideas for future projects that require deep reflection and comprehensive assessment.

Irina Khomutova, Khomutova & Partners, Moscow, consulting


1. Competence. The variety of projects and the breadth of the consultant's competencies, his deep industry and technical knowledge, understanding of the industry economy, client needs and the dynamics of competition make it possible to see prospects, development directions and risks.

2. Impartiality. Unlike the immediate environment, which may be under the influence of management and not have an independent opinion, the experts of Khomutova & Partners are interested only in one thing - to give an objective assessment of the situation and direct the customer towards a solution.

3. Focus on results.  You need the confidence to make the right choice. Our experts have only one interest - this is the interest in your success and result.

Our expertise

Our experts can help you focus your efforts, improve your sales process, manage channels or open new ones more effectively, improve your sales funnel, hire or evaluate staff, manage internal or external sales teams, launch new products, and much more. The list of questions and tasks with which companies turn to Khomutova & Partners is wide and relates to strategy, sales management and improving marketing efficiency:


  • Formation and implementation of a business strategy
  • Building and Optimizing CJM
  • Changing and improving distribution channels
  • MROI management
  • Definition and implementation of the marketing mix
  • Positioning definition
  • Building an effective sales funnel and much more

Together we find answers to your questions, focusing on creating opportunities and creating sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

Irina Khomutova Consulting

Full-time consultation

The consultations of our experts are distinguished by their effectiveness due to professional expertise and deep study of issues.

Duration: 2,5 hours


90 000 rub.

Consultations by phone Irina Khomutova

Online consultation

A convenient format that allows you to quickly resolve numerous issues, including with organizations located in different regions, without waiting for an expert to fly to the client's facility. It takes place at a convenient time and through a comfortable online channel. The number of participants from the client's side is determined by the tasks of the project and is not limited.

Duration: 3 hours


60 000 rub.



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