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Here are the basics you should know when getting started with radio ads.

  • It's easier to convince people of the merits of a new product if you do it with words.
  • Unsupported verbal communication can create a much stronger positive feeling for the product in people.
  • The ear responds faster than the eye.
  • Our auditory perception lasts longer than our visual perception.
  • The visual image - a picture or printed words - fades out in less than 1 second
  • Auditory perception lasts 45 times longer.
  • The spoken word is stored longer in the brain, allowing better follow-up of thought.
  • The disadvantages of radio advertising include the limited elements of influence on the listener.

When developing radio advertisements, specialists use the principle of dividing the entire audience of listeners into four categories:

  • these are fans of radio stations as such (make up the largest group - 45% of the total audience of radio listeners)
  • radio lovers (35%)
  • music lovers (for listening exclusively to music, radio includes only 11% of listeners)
  • as well as those who prefer only news programs (there are few of them - 9%)

Techniques for increasing the efficiency of a radio commercial:

  • The level of comprehensibility of the message should be 10 points below the average IQ of the social stratum for which it is intended.
  • The message should not require an effort to memorize or understand the text.
  • The program should be designed so that the listener can understand the essence of the advertising message in less than 6-8 seconds.
  • Make sure your ad engages the listeners' imaginations.
  • Accompany your ad with a catchy sound.
  • If there is a parallel advertising campaign on television for the same product or service, you need to use the same callsigns, melodies, texts, characters.
  • Advertisements must match the context of the transmission in which they are included.

Roller structure:

  • what the company offers and advertises
  • why is this product the best
  • where can i buy it
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