This certificate confirms successful completion Зайцевой Т.В. master training “HOW TO FORM THE FLOW OF PATIENTS. 60 PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES» November 17, 2022 Speaker – Irina Khomutova, Managing Partner of Khomutova & Partners


— Features of medical services. Five fundamental points why patients are afraid of dentists.
- "Patient forever" - how to achieve calmness, confidence and trust of the patient to the doctor. Why patients are constantly looking for and cannot find "their" doctor.
— Super-service of the clinic without pain and humiliation. Rules for communicating with the patient.
— Fifteen secrets about what patients value and what they are willing to pay for.
— Ten principles of how patients choose a doctor and clinic.
How to position the patient. What attracts and keeps primary patients in the clinic.  
— Technologies for the sale of expensive services and comprehensive treatment plans. Price and value for patients. Understanding the benefits of the clinic.
— The use of effective methods and tools to increase confidence in the expert doctor.
— Group work on the formation of an empathic map of barriers, fears and motives of patients.
— Group work on 5 clinical cases (typical situations are based on a preliminary survey of employees).
— When and how to tell the patient about the price.
— Communication with the patient, additional sales. How to propose a new service.
— 4 ways to protect the cost of services. Tools for persuasive value added services and comprehensive programs.
- Reading patients: body language, intonation, facial expressions. Adjustment to the patient and management of his condition. Adaptation of communications taking into account the specifics of the patient's perception channel.
— Checklists for the behavior of a dentist in various situations, from greetings to resolving conflict situations.
- How to record a positive decision of the patient. Recommendations to help avoid mistakes and conflicts with patients.
Where are we losing money? Echo chambers, CJMs, avatars, empathic mapping and insights. Cognitive distortions that the doctor should be aware of. Rationals and adherents.
— Typical mistakes, the elimination of which significantly increases the percentage of regular patients. Talent-to-value program in action with examples of 70% increase in team productivity and repeat sales.
— Dealing with objections and ways to prevent conflict situations.
— Conflict resolution tools.
- Methods of psychological protection of a doctor from stress and burnout. Setting up a positive and effective work with patients and colleagues.
– Pair work on training adjustment techniques.
– Pair work and group discussion on case studies based on a preliminary survey of specialists. Working out conflict, stressful situations and complex issues that arose in the course of working with patients. Analysis for each employee of previously received situations.

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