This certificate confirms the successful completion of the master class “BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD. HOW TO INCREASE COSMETOLOGY SALES 2 TIMES DURING THE CRISIS July 16 2022 city

Speaker - Irina Khomutova, Managing Partner, Khomutova & Partners


— Technologies for the sale of expensive services and comprehensive treatment plans. Price and value for patients. Understanding the benefits of CLS International products. REVI is the solution for patients.
— Invasive cosmetology and features of medical marketing. Why and how purchases are made in terms of neuroscience. 6 ways to interest the patient's brain. Practical solutions and business insights.
- 10 ways to manage field sales. Cases, checklists and schemes for implementing a program for transforming customer experience in cosmetology with a 125% increase in additional sales.
— An example of end-to-end transformation of sales, service and personalized marketing with a 2-fold increase in the depth of sales. — How to avoid patient rejection of the offers of a cosmetology clinic and build long-term relationships in the face of changing market conditions and an unstable situation.
— Practical cases and technologies for identifying internal threats at an early stage. Successful anti-crisis cases and practical examples of increasing sales by managing occupancy, patient returns and the cost of the average check.
- Which cosmetologists choose? Fifteen secrets about what customers value and what they are willing to pay for. Checklists of behavior of a beautician in various situations, from greetings to resolving conflict situations.
Where are we losing money? Echo chambers, CJMs, avatars, empathic mapping and insights. Cognitive biases that medical marketing should be aware of. Rationals and adherents.
- The main mistakes that cosmetologists make in a crisis and what consequences they will have to deal with. recovery program. Technologies for identifying and eliminating internal threats. Determination of the causes of occurrence and methods of elimination.
— Typical team mistakes in conditions of uncertainty and increased stress. Talent-to-value program in action with examples of 70% increase in team productivity and repeat sales.
— Analysis of business cases of master class participants in order to apply tools aimed at increasing the demand for all areas of services, increasing the influx of new customers through targeted marketing tools, increasing the percentage of regular customers through service programs, eliminating the causes of outflow of patients, filling the "dead time" .
— Practical examples of the use of 360˚ marketing technologies in a resource-limited environment, aimed at increasing occupancy and reducing seasonal fluctuations, stimulating sales in priority areas, increasing the flow of new and regular patients-patients and increasing the average check.

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