Shop window secrets: how to increase additional sales in cosmetology

How to properly design a showcase so that it performs its functions? We hear this question from cosmetologists at almost every audit when it comes to stimulating additional sales and sales of various products. And almost always we see serious mistakes in the designs, display cases and merchandising of products on the shelves, which critically affects the additional sales of products in the salon. […]

The work of public catering in the new reality. 8 topical issues of the industry.

1. How will the sanctions affect the catering industry? With border closures, disruption to supply chains and the departure of international companies, new market challenges are creating the perfect storm for many businesses. At the same time, for areas such as HoReCa, the hotel industry and manufacturing, sanctions open a unique window of opportunity. The restaurant industry has just gone through a business transformation in […]

Crisis 2022. New challenges in the healthcare industry.

What is the worst thing about a crisis? This is not only a fact of losing patients, but also a misunderstanding of what to do, where to start? First of all, it is important to understand that any external crisis is only an indicator of internal problems. The success of the medical center in a changing market environment and intensifying competition for a limited consumer market is based on business adaptability to new […]

Window of opportunity in the perfect storm

What can you compare the current situation in the Russian market with? Perhaps this is the so-called "perfect storm", which occurs as a result of the rare addition of several unfavorable factors, which together create a special destructive effect. The announced rapid exit of transnational corporations from the Russian market, the disruption of established supply chains and the change in the product matrix of brands familiar to the consumer create strong emotional stress. But this is only one […]

Art of War?

I have noticed that when strategy consultants cite passages from Sun Tzu's ancient text, The Art of War, as advice for business, they forget that this is not a war manual at all. This is a guide to the world. It advises powerful men at court to avoid war by all means, for two compelling reasons: it is too expensive a substitute for diplomacy, and [...]

New reality. Opportunities for sanatoriums and hotels.

In fact, it was a completely different year than any other, bringing a lot of contrasts to the hospitality industry. This dictates the need to analyze trends, as well as to consider all problems in perspective. Of course, the coronavirus, as we saw in the previous crisis phenomena, has certainly complicated or even ruined a lot, causing ripples, and somewhere convulsions in the hospitality industry. Regardless […]

Covid transformation. What to expect?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has changed. Simultaneously with systemic shifts in the economy, there is a significant transformation in society, which is a consequence of a change in the perception of each member of the surrounding reality. Despite all the seeming versatility of such reactions, all of them with some certainty can be entered into the psychological model of the five stages of acceptance, proposed back in 1969 by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross [...]

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