Marketing audit of cosmetology

One-time efforts aimed at increasing traffic to a cosmetology center, clinic or salon have a short-term effect, since systemic problems are not solved: infrastructure, assortment, marketing and service. The need to eliminate systemic problems requires a comprehensive solution. As a result of the implementation of the proposed marketing audit program, it will be revealed bottlenecks and an exhaustive list of improvements was formed and an action program was proposed aimed at increasing conversion, occupancy, and attracting a new solvent audience.
Marketing audit


The result of the marketing audit will be a set of practical recommendations that will allow the management of the cosmetology center to make changes to achieve the set goals:



At this stage, methods of adapting a functioning cosmetology clinic to market conditions are determined, the values, motives and needs of the target audience are determined, proposals are formulated that best meet the expectations of customers. Recommendations for updating the positioning strategy are being developed, aimed at increasing the attractiveness for primary and repeat clients, taking into account the specifics of the clinic and its competitive environment.


The purpose of this stage of the audit is to adapt the services of the existing cosmetology center to the expectations and values ​​of the priority groups of the target audience. An analysis of the compliance of the clinic's pricing policy with the planned positioning and customer needs is carried out. Recommendations for adapting the assortment policy in accordance with market trends are offered.


This section of the audit makes it possible to determine the reasons for low attractiveness: low customer activity, lack of repeat visits, low average check, lack of additional sales. The results of the analysis shape ways to create an atmosphere that meets the expectations of the target audience, stimulating an increase in the average check and multiple returns.


This block of work makes it possible to eliminate hidden from the eyes of the management problems of communication between staff and customers, which reduce their purchasing activity, to provide them with the necessary services in accordance with their needs, to create conditions for repeated calls to the cosmetology center. places in the service. An audit is carried out on the implementation of internal standards by the personnel. Recommendations are developed for the use of tools that build confidence in the cosmetology clinic, stimulate an increase in the average check and repeat calls.


This section is aimed at analyzing the compliance of the applied promotion tools with the tasks of the cosmetology clinic. Effective ways of targeted interaction with clients of the clinic are being developed, stimulating client activity and repeated calls, taking into account its specialization, competitive environment, location, regional specifics. The analysis of the applied promotion tools aimed at increasing initial requests, selling complex treatment plans, audience loyalty is carried out. The Internet strategy of cosmetology and the content of the advertising materials used are audited for compliance with the set goals. Tools are developed to achieve the set before the cosmetology center to attract a new solvent audience. and an increase in the average check.

Marketing audit


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