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26 October. 2022 city

1st Congress of Medical Experts
and health tourism
BRICS and SCO member countries

Effective strategies in international medical and health tourism.


Oct 18-20 2022

Eurasian Dental Week Dentalweek 2022

A window of opportunity in a perfect storm. Crisis marketing in action.


17 October. 2022 city


45 Ways to Boost Hotel Sales: Practical Solutions and Insights


27 May 2022 city

All-Russian forum "Zdravnitsa" 2022

Challenges or opportunities of the sanatorium? Transformation of customer experience in a crisis.


22 April 2022 city

Online course MBM.MOS.RU

Crisis management
aesthetic medicine business


15 April 2022 city

Online course MBM.MOS.RU

Crisis management
aesthetic medicine business


12-13 April 2022

HoReCa Fest 2022
The season will be. Go!

40 tools to increase sales of the sanatorium and hotel.


1-3 February 2022

International Forum for the Development of Restaurant Business

5 steps to increase sales in an institution in 30 days.


15th of December 2021

School for specialists in aesthetic medicine

How to become your favorite beautician. 45 minutes about the most important thing.


7th of October 2021

24th International Exhibition for the Hospitality Industry

40 tools to increase sales of a sanatorium»

4-5 March 2021

Exhibition “Crimea. Season 2021. "

«Prioritization. Postmoid reality and opportunities for a sanatorium»

"Сovid-transformation of the hospitality sphere"

16 February 2021 city

Dentalweek 2021

«Covid transformation. How to rise when everyone falls»

17th of December 2020

Online webinar

“Dentistry without dentophobia and COVID hypochondria. How to grow when everyone falls "

9th of December 2020

Online webinar

“Beauty will save the world. How to double sales of cosmetology "

November 19 2020 city

Webinar Zabota 2.0

"What will happen after the coronavirus"

November 14 2020 city

Forum "Restaurant 2020"

“After Quarantine. Anti-crisis program "

November 5 2020 city

Online webinar

"What now?! How to overcome the crisis "

20th of October 2020

WorkTech Medicine. Online conference on technology for business and marketing.

Medical marketing after quarantine.

20th of October 2020

PIR-HOTEL is the leading exhibition of goods, services and solutions for the hotel.

Why XNUMX-year-olds will save the spa industry.

MarTech Auto.

Be cooler! Non-obvious secrets of how to sell more.

Marketing in medicine.

Business after the coronavirus. 20 Important Marketing Life Hacks

20 March 2020 city

The open kitchen is an annual professional event in the hospitality industry of the Amur Region.

The program to increase sales in the institution by 35% in 5 steps.

Open kitchen Balagoveschensk Khomutova Irina

18-19 March 2020

Exhibition of professional cosmetics and equipment for beauty salons and cosmetology clinics.

Technologies for increasing sales in cosmetology in 5 steps.

BEAUTYFORUM Ekaterinburg Irina Khomutova

16 March 2020 city

The largest business summit in the spa industry

30 effective ways
increase in sales of sanatorium services.

SANKUR 2020 Reload Moscow Irina Khomutova
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