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15 important mistakes to avoid in content marketing

Content marketing

The internet is full of tips on what to do when developing a content marketing strategy, but knowing what not to do is just as important to your success. I've put together 15 of the most common mistakes that marketers should definitely avoid. So what do you need to keep in mind? What shouldn't you do?

Impose a product

Content marketing should be customer focused, not sales oriented. Avoid appearing too pushy with your sales, as this will scare potential customers away from your product. Try to reach out to the emotional side of your audience and provide them with genuine value. The material for effective content marketing should be natural, sharing recommendations, helpful tips, and telling a story.

Overuse calls to action

Don't use a call to action every time, every step of the client. This is not content marketing - this is copywriting! The difference between the two is that copywriting is more about selling, while content marketing is more about engaging a potential customer, building trust and building a relationship with them. Copywriting is much more direct and not long-term oriented. Content marketing is much more about branding and presence.

Have no ultimate goal

Ask yourself what your ultimate goal is. Building a loyal community? Establish yourself as an authority? High-level, high-quality contact lead generation? Content marketing requires a large initial investment (time) that slowly pays off. You have a long game ahead of you, which should have a clear end goal.

Don't test different creatives

Focus on doing A / B tests to find out if there are ads that might be more effective in terms of content or visual appeal. You can go along with an option that conditionally works, but miss out on something that might work even better. You must constantly improve - otherwise, sooner or later you will become obsolete. And that doesn't just apply to marketing.

Paying too much attention to SEO

You naturally need to consider what's popular when creating content. In the meantime, if everything you post is based on SEO, keywords and trending news, it soon becomes apparent that you are targeting mainly clicks and search engine dominance. Make sure you write for your audience, not just Yandex and Google. This will help you build more loyal followers in the long run.

Ignore content promotion

Insightful and relevant content is a necessary foundation for an effective content marketing strategy, but it is not enough. Quality content is expensive and the investment will be wasted if no one sees it. Blog articles, social media posts, videos, etc. must be part of a coherent strategy that also includes paid and organic promotion to trigger a natural engagement with the audience.


Content marketing takes time to build and see results. Don't let the desire for instant gratification distract and discourage you from continuing your efforts and concentration. Keep producing high quality content and let your reputation grow organically.

Randomness and inconsistency

One thing you should remember not to do when doing content marketing is post material only when you feel like it. The truth is, your followers expect consistency across your blog and social media account. If you are very active this week, but stay quiet the next, you will begin to notice a drop in your engagement, traffic and sales.

Reusing someone else's material

One of the common mistakes in content marketing is the use of someone else's materials that are mentioned in other sources. It's important to know that search engines will at best ignore your content that is not strictly original.

Create time sensitive content

Many companies place too much emphasis on creating time-sensitive content. Publishing stories about today's events will give a company an initial boost in traffic, but it will quickly fade away as the topic becomes irrelevant tomorrow. Instead of focusing on short-term trends, drive long-term traffic with content that will be relevant not only today or tomorrow (unless, of course, you are not the news media). Write stories that will always be relevant, not only today, and your traffic will continue to grow.

Failure to diversify

Your audience is not homogeneous, and different audiences have different content format preferences. Don't be lazy to create different formats. You can repurpose articles into videos, reviews, live broadcasts, webinars, infographics, and more. Each style has its own appeal to different audiences, and they are all necessary to grow your business.

Don't know your audience

If you blog post after post with no purpose and not for any specific audience, it won't help you increase your traffic. Before you write a single word, you need to flesh out your followers' avatars in order to understand what pain points they have and what interests them most.

Ignore communication

Good content marketing makes your audience feel welcome in your content, and great content makes them feel included. Don't forget the principles of inclusive communication before you publish your content. You will never get a second chance on the internet and it will be a shame if you only get a few views.

Don't use content plan

If you are serious about your account, website blog or YouTube channel and want it to grow and generate profit, you need a content calendar where you plan each post and its process from start to finish. With any routine job, you need a schedule to make sure you stick to it. The same goes for blogging. For the best results, create a calendar that organizes your outings, maintains your pace, and provides a systematic approach.

Ignore analytics and feedback

Content marketing plays an important role in business development. It's important to set up KPIs and track whether your content meets those goals and what its effect is. It is important to collect feedback from customers in order to understand how you can improve.

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